Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tour de Fleece

Right now the Tour de France is running and spinners around the world are engaged in the Tour de Fleece challenge. I'm envious. This is the second year that's gone by that I knew about it and didn't participate. So I joined the group in Ravelry to keep it fresh in my mind and added it to my calendar as starting next year on July 3rd.

I'm thinking it will be a great way to improve my technique by focusing only on spinning for about a month. Also, I can work through my existing stash and make room for new purchases at Rhinbeck next year. I have several pound of roving stashed away and I refuse to buy anymore until I start spinning again on a regular basis.

The challenge will be making the Tour de Fleece a priority and sidetracking any deadline projects (and keeping the cats away from my wheel).