Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 Fiber Goals

Ravelry and Instagram are the best but everything is limited by context.  I've spent a little time thinking through what I'd like to do this year.  I've read through other crafting lists and accountability seems to be a trend.  This is the best place for all of that.


  • Stash Knit Down Challenge Goal: Total yardage is negative by 12/31/15
    • I really like this idea.  Anything purchased is positive yardage and anything knit up is negative yardage.  The object is to knit more than I purchase throughout the year.  I'm still free to make splurge purchases but this way it happens in moderation.
  • KALs: Join in all year long
    • These are so much fun so I want to continue joining in as much as possible.  If I can use stash then cool but if not I'm going to buy what I need and just enjoy knitting socially.
  • Deep Stash: An archeological dig
    • I have purchased some gorgeous yarn and I eventually forget about what I own.  Any new projects will have deep stash items considered first.
  • Obligatory Knitting
    • I have 2 more baby blankets & 2 more family shawls to go (1 shawl is already on the needles)
  • Fun Knitting
    • Older Wooly Wonka Fiber kits (mainly Shakespeare) and new patterns as they are released this year for the pattern only subscription
  • Knit More with Handspun
    • I only knit with handspun twice in 2014 so 2015 should be at lease 4 projects 


  • Stash Spin Down Challenge Goal: Total ounces are negative by 12/31/15
    • Similar to the knitting goal only measured in ounces instead of yardage.  I really need to spin up about 2 bins worth of fiber to make my storage less overflowing.  
  • SALs: Join in all year long
    • This helps with inspiration as to what to spin next and with having a deadline for motivation to finish it eventually 
  • Spin Gifted Fiber
    • My parents bought me 3 pounds of BFL that I had Jennifer at Holiday Yarns dye up for me.  I would like to get started on this fiber sometime this year and figure out how I want it spun up after sampling first


  • Improve Skills & Comfort Level
    • I can only do this if I crochet more projects.  I only did 2 last year so I'd like to do at least 4 this year and using handspun preferably. 

That's it.  Nothing major.  Nothing fancy.  I'm going to leave myself a reminder to check in every month or so to see how I'm doing.  It's going to be a fun year.