Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sweater #2

DSC03298, originally uploaded by Angela & Gerald.

This is sweater # 2 for my father-in-law and I'm very pleased with it. I knit the medium size and it fits snug just like a fisherman's sweater should. It's extremely warm and turned out exactly like he requested. I was concerned with the doubled over collar but the extra weight ended up making it a tighter fit around his neck which he prefers.

I have been told that he already has in mind a design for sweater #3. He gets great ideas from foreign films and the Ravelry group "As Seen in the Movies" have been amazing with helping me find patterns to match. I would like to try a light weight sweater for him next since I've already done medium and heavy but we shall see next year when we sit down and choose.

More pictures here on my Ravelry project page: