Monday, October 21, 2013


Balance is a tricky little monster and a fickle beast to maintain.  I find myself teetering one way or the other in all aspects of my life and continually search for that magical point where all things work well.

I recently participated in Spinzilla and enjoyed the 1 week focus on spinning.  It helped me burn through a ton of fiber that I had stored for a while and I was able to improve on my ability to spin for singles.  I still have a mountain of handspun to soak and set the twist but overall it was good fun.

I ended up with 13 skeins of handspun totally 4977 yards.  Definitely not the most spun that week but not the least either.

After Spinzilla was over, I took a week off from spinning.  I knew it would come.  Anytime my focus is on one fiber art my mojo suffers.  The week I took off I used to cast on a fun small project and then finish up a couple knitting projects.  I absolutely love this drop stitch cowl that I just finished up today:

If I were to knit this pattern again I would knit it in the round just to avoid seaming.  It's so comfortable to wear and I love the dark and moody colors.

Today my mojo is back and my balance is restored to spinning and knitting each day once again.  I'm happiest when I do both.  I know I get more accomplished when I focus on just one, and I know I'll do that from time to time but my balance in fiber arts is spinning during the day and knitting in the evenings.