Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Today I'm working on list making and preparations for this fall.  First up is the Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival in Hemlock, NY.  This is by far my favorite festival of the year.  It's big enough to attract some of my favorite vendors and worth several hours of time walking around but small enough where the crowds aren't a factor like with Rhinebeck. 

On my list I have directions just in case my GPS has problems, I made a note to visit the used equipment sale that I've missed in previous years and made notes on yardage requirements for a few projects I have in mind.  I plan to pack a lunch this year (stupid Weight Watchers . . .), bring a small cooler for drinks for the ride and bring plenty of cash for shopping. 

For my own personal benefit I have to have a shopping focus.  If I don't have that I will either buy nothing or buy everything - having done both before it really sucks.  Last year my focus was on spinning fibers.  This year I don't have a driving need for yarn or spinning fibers so I will be on the hunt for unique items like stitch markers, tools, patterns, gift ideas, little spinning wheels, etc.  I will say that if I find something that I love I will buy it on the spot because nothing is worse than riding home in the car wishing that skein of yarn or braid of roving came home with me.  I still think about that skein of yarn at Rhinebeck that was $32 to make a pair of socks and I didn't buy it because I thought it was too expensive.   That kind of regret no longer happens because now I just buy it and if years later I don't want to use it someone else will kindly take it in a destash.

I haven't gotten to what hand knits I'm going to wear but that is the best part.  Depending on the weather I may bring a shawl to wear with a t-shirt.  Festivals are the best places to watch for hand knits and it's completely acceptable to walk up to someone and ask them all about what they have on.  Can't wait!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Knitting 24x7

I can finally admit that the Tour de Fleece was fun but totally sucked away all of my spinning mojo.  I feel a bit guilty every time I look at the half filled bobbin of alpaca sitting on my wheel but I don't care.  I knit and spin to feel good and eventually my spinning mojo will come back.

It actually feels good to knit every night.  I started the Spiral Blanket of Awesomeness and made a ton of progress. 

 The center spiral:

 The transition from Bryn to Donagan in Three Irish Girls Kells Sport (looks better in person):

I had to order some longer cables and they won't be here until Tuesday at the earliest (don't get me started on how slow it took Knit Picks to process and ship my order) so I cast on a new project.  I have a new knitting To Do list called "ingrate" and it includes all of the yarn I have been gifted over the years.  I picked some charcoal alpaca that my Dad bought for me from the 2005 Finger Lakes Fiber Festival but the problem was it didn't have the yardage listed.  I did some math, asked from Ravelry friends for help and then was reminded that I have a yardage counter.  Doh!  Last night I was able to get started on it.

Rhea, a crescent shaped scarf:

That is just the border.  You knit the border first, pick up stitches for the body and then knit short rows to make it curve.  The alpaca really hides the lace but this is going to look amazing once it's blocked, trust me!

I'm going to keep going with this knitting theme until the spinning bug bites me.  Hopefully I can put a dent in my stash before the fall festivals arrive :)