Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hello Stranger

I haven't been around much lately since my massive addiction to Facebook but I'm still knitting every day. I'm in Ravelry every day as well dreaming about all the new projects to line up.

Today is a cold, dark, rainy day so I'm going to take this opportunity to photograph my stash of lace yarn and upload it to Ravelry. Of course I don't think to do this on a sunny day! I got a ton of beautiful lace yarn from my parents for Christmas and it's all still in the clear shipping bags. I was keeping them together because they're samplers but I'm at the point now where I want to "air the stash" and remind myself of all the beautiful yarn that I own.

This urge could be because I'm just a couple weeks from finishing a big sweater for my father-in-law and my next home project is going to be a lace shawl from the Shakespeare in Lace subscription. This is my second year in the subscription and I have yet to cast on a single project from it. Such a travesty! I slowly reevaluated my To Do list and stopped adding any deadline projects so now I'm actually close to being able to start one.

Normally I'm a monogamous knitter but my husband suggested always having two projects going so that I can do a major/complicated/big project at home and a smaller/easier/mindless project when we're in the car or visiting my parents. So far it's working out well and I'm able to get some sock knitting in here and there - should make Christmas a breeze this year!