Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holiday Knitting

I need a vacation from my vacation! Lots of fun though and I would say it was a great holiday!

Over the last week or so I worked on 3 blankets for the Northeast Oddball Charity project that I'm a member of. I added a section to Bubblegum:

I added two sections to Lavender Satchel and my Mom added a border:

With the empty needles I then cast on for a new preemie blanket called Be My Valentine:

It was so nice to work on these while my family was visiting. Everyone wanted to know where the blanket was going next and where they would be donated. It's a great project to have as a break in between larger ones. Speaking of which, my Mystery Stole 4 got about 10 rows on it and I should be done with Clue 5 if I ever get to knit on it again . . .

I've got 2 projects now with deadlines so they've become a priority. I'll grab pictures of those tomorrow.

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