Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mystery Fibers Update

I loved blogging regularly about my spinning last month! Too bad I don't have the time at work anymore to take a quick break. Way too busy now. I'll just have to setting for weekend updates for now until things calm down.

I had to look it up but the last update on the mystery fiber spinning was ages ago and I've got a ton done. Mystery Fiber #1 before and after pictures:

Pictures of the individual skeins and stats on each are on my Ravelry stash page. I love how the colors look together so I'm leaning towards a color work project like mittens for all this yarn. It would be fun to mix and match them for several pairs.

Next up was the roving that I found all in one bag: Mystery Fibers 2, 3 & 4 (black, grey and white). I finished 2 and 3 and I'm working on 4 now. The cool thing is that when I started working on the white I found a receipt for my purchase. I paid $10 for each 4 ounce bump from Angel Knoll Alpacas located in Waddington, NY. This supports my theory that these are all alpaca/wool blends along with the occasional guard hairs I found.

Here are the before and after pictures that I have for the black and grey (details on my stash pages):

That grey is lace weight, I couldn't help myself. It was lovely to spin! In both fibers there was a bunch of vm with most of it falling out on it's own as I spin. I had to stop a few times to pick out a piece of hay but really I can't complain for the cost. I'm heading up north for 4th of July again this year and I'm seriously considering an outing to the farm to buy more.

Right now I'm spinning up the white and taking my time with it. I'd like to end up with a sport or worsted yarn if possible. I'm enjoying the process and it should be done in about a week or so:

Then I'm faced with the last of the Mystery Fiber. The enigma itself: #5. We did a burn test on it over the holidays and came up with either nylon or polyester (we couldn't place the smell). I also did some digging and found the receipt showing I paid $100 for 11 ounces of it back in 2007 before I really knew much about fiber prices. I feel like I got ripped off so I'm determined to spin it up.

The fibers are super long so I'm thinking it should be spun fine. But if it's nylon should it not be spun by itself and blended with something else instead? Or if it's polyester should I try to spin it as thick and airy as possible to keep the softness? I have no idea. I'd like to bring it to my next spin night and see what everyone recommends. I have no clue what to do with this fiber but I refuse to let it sit in my stash any longer. Five years is long enough!

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