Monday, July 14, 2008

New Technology

I'm way behind the times when it comes to technology. I do my best to keep up but I really don't need the latest and greatest products. Maybe I'm thrifty, maybe it's just being cheap. I am a big sucker for marketing and sales though so when it came time for my "New Every 2" with Verizon I was at the store the very next day to upgrade my phone. There was absolutely nothing wrong with my current phone - I do love that Razr - but I wanted a full keyboard for text messaging. Plus we have a family plan and my Dad wanted something smaller that what he had before.

After about 5 minutes in the store we picked out this for me:

It's the LG enV2 in maroon and I really like it so far. It's a little thicker than my old Razr but it's less wide. I usually keep it in my purse so it's not that big of a deal. I love love love the maroon color. It looks just like a normal phone until you turn it to the side:

With one flip I have a full keyboard for text messaging. Text messaging is so much easier than talking when my husband is in noisy airports (often) and I just couldn't get it done quick enough for my liking with the old style keys. Here's the new way:

So cool. I've got a new age ring tone now and I think I have all of the settings done correctly. One perk that I think I'll really use is that you can automatically put a call on speakerphone just by flipping it open. That will be so useful when driving or when just dealing with our 2 year old.


Allison inspired me with this post on her blog. I added AdSense content and searching to my blog along with the Amazon link. My plan is to use Amazon for books and DVDs for Will and the any AdSense money will go into Will's college account. I'm not sure how this will work out but it's worth a try. By the time Will goes to college tuition is going to be even more ridiculous than it is now so every penny helps!

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