Monday, July 7, 2008

Family Charity Project

A few months ago I learned about Project Linus from one of my friends on KnittingHelp. Since my family is into craft projects and we're all over the east coast I thought we could make a blanket for each of our local chapters by knitting or crocheting squares. Those squares would be assembled at one of our family get togethers.

We had a few issues. Not everyone liked to knit and not everyone liked to crochet. The agreement was made that knit squares wouldn't look right next to crocheted ones. Then we were all introduced to the Knifty Knitter. It was quick, easy to learn and worked up a nice, warm 12 inch square. I liked the break from the challenging knit projects I was working on. We all got a Knifty Knitter set and started out with a plan. One of us picked out the colors to use while the rest got going on the squares.

We all met up and designed a beautiful blanket, it was later seamed up and a gorgeous border was crocheted on as a finishing touch. I'm sure there's mistakes here and there but it's a hand made gift and mistakes make it feel unique and loved.

I plan to contact our local chapter coordinator this afternoon and schedule a time to drop it off. We ended up with a blanket that's 4 squares by 5 squares. We used Caron's Simply Soft so it's machine washable and super snugable! I hope that it finds the right person and they know that our thoughts are with them!

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