Thursday, June 26, 2008

Realistic Math

I have found math to be so much easier when you write it out. Right now I need to understand if it's realistic for me to complete this baby blanket before the the due date. First, the raw data:

Using my handy dandy measuring thingy (technical term of course) I found that I'm getting about 5-6 rows per inch in the stockinette section of the pattern. I'm going to round up to 6 because it's better to assume more rows than less in this situation since I'd rather overestimate the time.

6 rows per inch and my final length needed is 35 inches. If I subtract about an inch for the beginning border that leaves me to knit 34 inches total. I've got one inch done already in pattern so now I'm down to 33 inches total to knit. 6 rows per inch multiplied by 33 inches needed means about 198 rows to go.

Tuesday night I was able to knit 6 rows but last night I made a stupid mistake and with all the tinking involved I was only able to knit 3 rows total. So if I use those as my range for knitting 3-6 rows each night . . . that means I need 33-66 days to complete the blanket. Assuming I'm able to knit almost every night on this I should finish sometime in August (leaving out a couple Saturdays for date nights with my sweetie). Baby Jack is due Sept 10th. Score!

Now I have a realistic time frame in mind for completing the blanket. As long as he gets it before he hits one month old I think I'll be happy but it's nice to know that it's possible to send it out before he arrives!

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