Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Catching Up

I love how people say "life gets in the way of knitting". That rarely happens to me! I recently took a great road trip vacation for the first time as a family and I was able to knit so much more than I had planned. I got done 7 rectangles for the Homemade Afghan Project for wounded veterans using just one full skein from my stash. It was great mindless knitting for a great cause and I am glad that I did it. Of course, no pictures because I got them in the mail as soon as we got home.

I don't have the mental strength right now to finish the GAAA square I've been working on so I put it aside to work on a fun project. A Knit Rug made with 4 strands of Lily Sugar'n Cream Twists in Denim. It's for my in-laws summer home and I hope to make matching hand towels and dish cloths for them as well. The yarn is on sale right now at AC Moore so I stocked up by purchasing every ball in the denim color, a whopping $11 for 10 balls. Love it! Here's a shot of my progress as of yesterday:

I this this picture is the best representation of the actual colors:

This one shows the stitch definition with the 4 strands together:

This project has been a welcomed break for me and I think when I finish it I still might not start up on the GAAA again. I've got some cashmere/silk blend yarn that keeps calling my name!

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