Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fun Summer Knitting

Following up on the completion of my Knit Cotton Rug, I decided to knit a few hand towels and dish cloths to match. I have a ton of yarn left over since it was on sale and I bought way more than enough.

I searched Ravelry for awhile until I found a pattern that I liked, the Basket Rib Hand Towel. It's very easy to memorize and is the perfect project for summer knitting. I knit up the 11" x 17" size but it ended up 13" wide with my gauge so I increased the length to 17". I figure that it's better to be a little too big than too small.

I was planning to make only 2 of these but I may have to reconsider after checking out the size of my stash of this yarn.

I want to keep an even number of items so after I finish the 2nd towel I'm going to make 4 wash cloths. Then I can reassess based on my stash left. I know it's boring but at this time of year my mind can't focus on more detailed patterns like the GAAA project. I need light weight yarn and light weight concentration!

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