Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mystery Stole 4 - 2nd Clue

I finished up knitting the second clue for MS4 last night. I have to say that even though there are tons of guesses on the theme for this one I'm not really interested. I like it so far and I'd be fine if there wasn't a theme. I love this yarn. I love working with beads now (total convert). I love that people keep asking me who it's for and I say "maybe it's for me - who knows?"

Here's my status so far. The picture is horrible but you can kind of get an idea of the length and design from here:

Since I finished with this clue a full day early I'll be able to work on my cabled blanket all tonight. I don't have much to go so it's really serving as a min-break from the lace knitting in between clues. I would like to finish it soon though because I'm itching to start the Hearts & Flowers Blanket for my niece. That bulky yarn in neon colors is going to be fun to work with!

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