Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Spending Spree

I would have to say that my anniversary weekend was a great time. I started out the weekend a little early by shopping for the tiny crochet hook for the Mystery Stole 4 project that starts this Friday. Michael's was having a 90% off clearance sale so I purchased this brown, black & tan bag for $1.99:

Actually I didn't spend any money on it. I got the crochet hook, this bag and a similar bag for my mother-in-law using my gift card and she paid the 13 cents I was short! It's a great bag with a nice lining and a little pocket inside. Love it! I'm now officially a collector of knitting bags - I think I shop for those just as much as yarn now.

Speaking of yarn, my husband is not great to shop with for yarn. It's not what you think - he doesn't discourage my purchases, he over-encourages them. Really! He pressures me to buy so sometimes I have a hard time just slowly down and touching the yarn and really thinking about things. I think I'm just cheap. He's the best though. My husband is the perfect enabler. This is what I bought:

My first stop was Knit Knackers almost by accident. I didn't know where James Street was so on the way to Yarn Forward we passed James Street so we just lucked out. It was a smaller shop for yarn but she had an amazing selection of roving and spinning supplies. I just stood there in awe. I have no room for more roving so I could only just look, I haven't even spun at all this year. It's just shameful. I did find a lace weight hank of Malabrigo in an electric blue. It's super soft so I just had to buy it and try out this famous yarn for myself. That was my only purchase at Knit Knackers.

Yarn Forward is just an amazing shop. I found some great Cadenza in purple that I really liked so the owner ordered another skein for me from her other shop in Kanata. I went back the next day to pick it up and ended up purchasing 3 balls of Tosca in red & brown and 1 hank of Misti Alpaca in a earth tone brown. Love, love, love this store. I actually grabbed my Ravelry queue for when I went back and wrote down a shopping list so I could have existing projects to shop for.

The couple that own Yarn Forward were very friendly and completely knowledgeable about every type of yarn. I felt completely at ease there and it would have been great to be local and shop there often.

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