Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Free Bag of Yarn - YAY!

I was going through my emails Thursday morning last week and decided that I didn't need to get the Freecycle daily digest anymore for my county. I used it to get rid of stuff but there was never anything I ever wanted. I was just about it click to join my group and edit my preferences when I saw a listing for a free bag of yarn and not much more information than that. I jumped right on it and replied to the lady.

She still had the yarn and our times for pick up matched. Then we got snow, lots of lots of snow. My husband and I picked up our son from daycare and then braved the weather to drive a half hour. This was treacherous weather and we just giggled the whole way. No one can ever say my husband didn't support me with my knitting.

I ended up with a big bag of older acrylic yarn.

Perfect for my charity work with the baby blankets and HAP rectangles. I sorted out the stuff that was unusable, balled up everything else then sorted which was worsted and which was sport weight.

Overall, very good for a free bag of yarn.

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