Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wednesday Book Night is Back!

With the insanely crazy holidays over we're finally able to get back into our routine. Last night I started Brisingr (Inheritance, Book 3) . . . love it! Even though the story line and characters remind me of The Lord of the Rings I'm caught up and want to see how it all ends. Do Eragon and Arya end up together? Can he save Murtagh from his oath to the evil dude? I could have sat there and read the book cover to cover if I didn't have to work the next day. It's so relaxing to put the XM channel on and just snuggle with a blanket and read. I look forward to Wednesday night every week now.

It is difficult to not get my knitting out that night. I feel like I'm almost cheating or just not being productive with my time. But it gives me a good break so that I can dive in again on Thursday night and not get too bored with what I'm making.

Speaking of which - my XOXO Blanket should be done this week, at least the knitting part. Then comes the hard decision as to whether or not a backing should be added. I may chicken out and just weave in my ends and be done. I'm not sure if I'm up for learning something new and having it turn out horrible. This is a gift that I really want to send out right now. I haven't responded to my friend after getting her Christmas card announcement of the pregnancy so I'm chomping at the bit to talk to her.

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