Thursday, February 19, 2009

No Begging Allowed

My husbands wool socks have finally worn out. We think he snagged it on something and the whole just grew.

Since these are the only pair he has I had to make an emergency trip to AC Moore for yarn. That morning I got a circular stating that Patons Classic Wool was 2 for $5. Knowing that one ball was normally $7.99 I high-tailed it to the store before the best colors were sold out. Of course, they said that the circular was incorrect and the sale was actually 2 for $9. There was no retraction printed and after my husband pleasantly argued our case with the store manager I got 8 balls of Patons Classic Wool for $2.50 a piece. I felt very guilty but I can't help it if they made a mistake in their advertising. The worst part was that there was another lady in the aisle that wanted the same deal but the store manager said that we'd be the only ones getting that price. So not fair! You print the ad, you honor the price!

Anyway, progress has been very fast on these since my husband doesn't like the socks to be very tall. I cut 5 inches from the length on each sock so I may be able to get 2 socks out of one ball of yarn. It will be close but I'm definitely curious. The pattern is Men's Heavy Boot Sock #998 from Knitting Pure & Simple and I it's my stand by for quick, warm socks.

I have two more business trips coming up so it will be lace knitting for me to stay sane. Plus I have a couple baby blankets headed my way for charity. Oh - and the first shipment of Shakespeare in Lace is scheduled to go out the first week of March. No rest for the weary!

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