Monday, March 9, 2009

ISE7 - My Package Arrived!

My ISE7 package arrived over the weekend. Once again I was spoiled rotten.

I was very lucky and got a great pal again this time. The scarf is simply beautiful! It's a reversible pattern and the yarn is 80% baby suri alpaca and 20% silk. It feels wonderful to wear and looks very nice on me. The blue is a great color for me.

On to the goodies:

2 magnet notepads - I can never get enough of these
March 2009 Creative Knitting - just flipped through it once & already found 2 patterns I love
Knitters Hand Handmade Lotion Bar - never used this but I can't wait to try it
Notions bag filled with stitch markers, needle gauge and stitch holders - so useful!

My favorite is the stitch markers from See Jayne Knit Hand Dyed Yarns. I love the color and they are the perfect size for my lace projects. So thoughtful! These came as a separate package and I think I gave a yell when I opened them.

Thank you so much Dorothy!

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