Monday, January 24, 2011

Long Road Ahead

The stars have aligned and I’m finally able to participate in my first season with my first Shakespeare in Lace shawl. I joined the club each year since 2009 but never had time to actually knit one. I picked the Midsummer Night’s Dream shawl kit because there was no grafting required. The last project where I tried to graft lace was horrible looking so I need more practice in that area.

Ravelry Pattern Link

The yarn is 1300 yards of Wooly Wonka silk/merino lace weight in the “Love in Idleness” colorway that was dyed for the club.

I starting this on January 19th which was a bit late for Selfish Knitting Month but still counts in my book! I’ve got all 439 stitches on the needles, knit the 2 garter rows and just finished row 8 on the border.

I do know how do place beads with a crochet hook and I’m really enjoying the process:

I don’t expect to finish this in time for this Season of Lace but I saw a category for spanning several seasons so that might be it for me. I’m getting about 2 rows done a night so far and I should speed up once I can start decreasing. It feels so nice to finally be knitting something just for me!

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