Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I checked my Ravelry project page and I started Midsummer Night’s Dream on January 19th. I’ve knit on this project exclusively since then with the exception of a week’s vacation where a sock project made more sense for traveling. Tonight I should finish the first full pattern repeat. Let me repeat, first pattern repeat. I never thought of myself as a slow knitter. Maybe I’m just enjoying knitting this so much that I’m not rushing? With the decreases each row now I’m averaging about 3-4 rows a night which is up from the max of 2 per night when I was knitting the border.

I’m definitely not going to finish by March 21st. I’m looking forward to my first knitting retreat later this month and then maybe finishing this project by June? Good thing I really, really like knitting lace – and that my friends have stopped having babies for the time being :)

What’s really crazy is that including this one I have 4 Shakespeare in Lace kits from 2009, 4 from 2010 and 2 already for 2011. I’ll be knitting these well into retirement and loving every minute of it!

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Anne said...

Those first third or so of the rows on a bottom-up shawl take FOR-E-VER. I would bet all of a sudden you will feel like you are whisking along once you get thru some more decrease rows. It's beautiful tho!!