Sunday, August 5, 2012

Finish Line In Sight

As of last night, I have 60 rows left until I'm finished knitting my squall for Ravellenics.  That makes 10 rows per day, blocking on Saturday then final pictures on Sunday.  I can do this!

That's my progress as of Friday morning.  I knit for on and off throughout the day on Saturday and I'm now in the middle of the first body chart.  I've passed the point where each row felt like it took 30 minutes and now I'm flying!  I can't even imagine knitting an adult sweater for Ravellenics unless I took the entire time off from work and knit 10 hours a day.  That's just crazy-pants!

Today we're supposed to get rain for most the day so my plan is to finish my son's hat and then work on squall some more.  Here's 4 rows of his hat:

This is also a Ravellenics project but it's super quick so I'm in no rush here.  I'm not even sure if it will fit yet.  I could probably knit the hat, have him try it on, rip it out and knit it again within an hour or two.  That's the beauty of crazy thick yarn!

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Nicole said...

I love these two projects. They look so nice!