Friday, August 10, 2012

Ravellenics Gold

I still can't believe I finished but here's a wrap up on my 2 projects for Ravellenics.

Will's Orange Hat

This is yarn that my son picked out in person at the Yarn Cupboard.  He said he wanted a hat with "swirlies" so I tried to find the best pattern possible.  None were perfect so I picked one for inspiration and just made up my own.  He loved it and now my husband wants one for himself using the leftover yarn:

For this project I received gold medals for the following events:


This was the January 2012 shipment for the Fall in Full Color Knitspot subscription club and it's been sitting in my stash/queue for a while on purpose.  I couldn't decide if I wanted to trade a different month's yarn for another skein to make the larger size or just knit the shawlette with just the one skein I already had.  Finally it came down to what was easiest: knit it up as is and mark it as done!

The cast on was rough and the first chart took forever to get through but after that I was flying.  I finished up my knitting at 10:30 pm and decided to wait until the next day to do the cast off.  It was tricky so I needed good lighting and full concentration to make sure it looked right.  Super happy that I did that because the final piece is just right.

For this project I received gold medals for the following events:

That's it for challenge knitting for me for this year.  I'm pleased with my efforts but I'm looking forward to regular knitting and spinning for a while.  I have a few deadlines to work with but I should be just fine.


Christina said...

Great job on both. They look fantastic!


Nicole said...

I just love that shawl! So beautiful!