Sunday, December 16, 2012

2012 Wrap Up

I'm working on my goals for 2013 so I thought it might be best to review the goals I set for this year and see how I did.  For 2012 I divided everything up into 3 categories: Buy, Make & Learn.

Buy - This was an easy one.  The kits came and I mainly focused on buying spinning fiber and tools.  No problem there at all.  I shop like a champ!

Make - I didn't do so well with this one.  I made the cardigan for my mom and a few Knitspot kits but I didn't make a cardigan for myself.  I have been trying to lose weight so I'm waiting until my measurements are stable before attempting a fitted project for myself.  I did knit lots and lots of projects this year with almost 14,000 yards according to my knit meter stats.  I still have a large wrap on the needles which should be done before the end of the month so that's even more yardage.  My best friend is pregnant so I was willingly sidetracked for several baby projects.

Learn - I had quite the list:
  • Steeking - nope but I have a class at Vogue Live in NYC next month to learn this
  • Navajo plying - by far the coolest and most satisfying thing I learned to do this year
  • Gradient spinning - nope, not sure I want to do this now
  • Alpaca fiber spinning - yes! 
  • Using a drum carder - nope, don't have the time for this so it will stay in storage
  • Woolen spinning - nope but it's still something I want to learn
  • Long Draw - Abby Franquemont tried to teach me this quickly and I did practice a little but I need lots more practice.
Some big accomplishments for me this year was purchasing a storage solution that lets my stash stay organized and continue to grow.  I also joined the Golden Fleece Spinner's Society and have made some great spinning friends there.  

I think I almost have a good handle on what my goals will be for next year so stay tuned. 

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