Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Finished Object - My So Called Scarf

I finished this scarf on Sunday night and I was only disappointed in my Bind Off row. It made the scarf flair out at the end unlike the Cast On row that was nice and straight. I'll have to research different methods to see how I can do that better in the future.

I like the this pattern and it was a great mindless project to work on as a break from the more complicated sweater. I might do this one again in something that self-stripes just to see how it turns out.

Pattern: My So Called Scarf - I found it via the Ravelry pattern browser
Yarn: Fingerlakes Soft Wool in lavender - I used 2 hanks
Needles: US 8 bamboo straights
Time frame: November 10 - December 9 (knit on weekends only)


Anonymous said...

The stitch pattern is beautiful, and the yarn really shows it up nicely! I wish I could help you with the bind off, but I'm pretty inexperienced with the various kinds out there.

rams said...

This pattern does that. Be of good cheer -- I was being clever and cast on the whole scarf sideways, over 200 stitches. Pretty effect, but that bind-off got nasty. I was actually checking Ravelry to see if anyone's ever figured out a cure.

Anonymous said...


i'm a little late with this little tip but better late than never, right :)

apparently if you bind off like this:
k2tog, k2tog, pass previous stich over, k2tog, pass previous stitch over, k2tog, pass previous stitch over, etc.

it helps, i havent had a chance to test this yet myself. It was a tip i found in the knittinghelp.com MSCS KAL