Friday, December 7, 2007

Chugging Along . . .

No pressure to finish. Really! In fact I'm already searching for a matching hat pattern to knit up as a last minute gift to go with the sweater. I should have extra yarn and I know he'll wear a nice warm hat made by his favorite (and only) daughter-in-law. Here's my progress:

I should finish up the second sleeve tonight if all goes well. I'm a little paranoid about making sure they're the same length so I'm not rushing this part. Here's a close up of the cables on the front and down the sleeve:

They are simple cables and I love how they look with the seed stitch panels. Once the second sleeve is finished I'm going to take a break for 2 nights and work on that scarf. I have a feeling that the collar is going to be difficult or at least challenging so I want to start that fresh. I am so glad that I didn't overload myself with Christmas knitting projects. 1-2 WIPs at one time is about all I can handle!

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Dorothy said...

This jumper is so beautiful, I'm really impressed - must get back to my own knitting. I'm knitting a jumper in the round for the first time and was interested to see you used a circular for the sleeves - what length needle I wonder? I tried a 30cm and gave up, currently I'm on dpns.