Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Is Almost Over!

I am so glad that this year is almost over. Not that it's been a bad year but it seems the theme of this year was "major household issues" dealing with spending money way too early for things that we were saving for. I guess that comes with the territory when you buy a 40 year old house.

I started this blog back in April so the list of Finished Objects on the side is almost everything that I did in 2007. I am very happy with what I accomplished and look forward to new things in the new year.

I looked back to my resolution list for 2008 and it stands as:
1. Learn how to knit using two circular needles
2. Knit a project using color work techniques (more than one color in a row)
3. Finish the Great American Aran Afghan

BUT I also just went through my stash and listed out my projects that I currently have yarn for. Out of the 16 projects listed (yes - 16 projects counting GAAA only once even though I have 21 squares left to knit) only #3 will get accomplished. I did see a couple themes in the projects stashed though: lace, scarves and kid sweaters. It should be a really cute knitting year for me.

I wish everyone well and hope that 2008 brings great things!

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