Thursday, January 3, 2008

Finished Object - Boa Tube Scarf

It makes perfect sense to me that my first completed project for this year is an unplanned replacement gift. A year or two back I make a Fun Fur scarf for my Mother just for fun and she loved it. It's knit in the round so you have a wonderful, lush, tube boa scarf that's very sturdy and a bit warm too.

Anyway, they were visiting for the holiday and my son happened to rip a big hole in it while they were playing outside. That afternoon I went to my local AC Moore and picked up 2 balls of the same vibrant blue color and got knitting. It took me about 4 nights to complete but overall I think it's a very quick project.

The nice thing about these scarves is that you can't even see the hole yet. It's probably unraveling now but with the Fun Fur it's completely hidden. She's wearing it until the next time we see each other and I can give her the replacement scarf. Her damaged one will most likely make it to some lucky girls dress up box!

Pattern: My Own (brace yourself - it's super difficult!)
Yarn: Lion Brand Fun Fur
Needles: US size 10 DPNs
Time Frame: 4 nights of knitting during the holiday blur

Project Note: I've noticed that there's a ton of knitters that despise knitting with novelty yarns like Fun Fur. I love using it for these types of projects. Stores like Michael's, Jo Ann's and AC Moore will often discount Fun Fur heavily and you can pick up several at a great price. I'll stock up whenever I can and then I've got a great present for a niece or little girl that likes dressing up. It's sturdy and doesn't shed - unlike store bought boas with feathers (trust me on this).

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