Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pea Pod Sweater - The Sequel

I haven't been blogging much lately because I'm working on my second Pea Pod Sweater Set. Normally I would post in progress pictures but it's the same pattern using the same color as I did before. Not very exciting to blog about. I am glad that I printed out the pattern though because the link on Interweave Press isn't working anymore.

My mother saw the first one that I made for our friends and she loved it so much she wanted the same exact set for a friend of hers. She ordered the yarn and I started knitting on Tuesday, January 8th. I've got the body of the sweater done and I should finish the first sleeve tonight:

It's definitely much faster the second time around. I'm not over thinking the pattern and just going with the flow. It's given me time to think about my projects for the year and I just recently picked out the next GAAA square that I'd like to work on. I'm leaning towards working on a square and then alternating with the lace scarf - but then again I'm also leaning towards finishing the scarf before I start the square. It will probably come down to how ambitious I'm feeling when I finally finish this Pea Pod set.

The fun thing about knitting this with the same color yarn is that I always order more than what I think I'll need just in case. Now I'll have several balls left over that I can make into something else. Not sure if the dye lots are too different from each other but I'm going to start looking around in Ravelry to see what I can find.

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