Monday, January 7, 2008

What's on the Needles?

Now that the holidays are over I'm taking a step back to prioritize my projects. First I finished all projects that were on needles at the time except for the beautiful Glorianna:

My husband got a few new games for his xbox 360 so after we put our son to bed he plays his games while I knit lace. This scarf is going to be beautiful. The colors in this yarn are very appealing to me - sometimes it's more of a dark red, sometimes it's a burnt sienna with varying specs. It's been nice to knit.

Lace knitting in general is so much more enjoyable when you use sticky notes and something to hold the pattern. It makes it very easy to see where I'm at in the pattern and quickly count if I think I made a mistake.

Oh yeah, I'm not using lifelines either. I'm living on the edge baby!

A weird thing happened during the Christmas week. My in-laws gave me a Knifty Knitter set for Christmas and I never would have thought that I would like it. It's very addicting. As a family we decided to make afghans for our local Project Linus chapters and everyone loved their Knifty Knitters so it wouldn't have looked right if my squares were knit regularly. Here's my three squares so far:

Since we bought worsted weight yarn we decided to use two strands since it technically looks better with the chunky weights. They turned out very nice. We plan to seam them all up into afghans at our next family get together in May. Here's a close up of the stitches:

I will say that the first night I tried it I felt like I was cheating. Such a guilty feeling came over me and my Mother-in-law shared that she felt the same way when she first learned how to machine quilt. It's all about different techniques for different projects. Now I really like my Knifty Knitter and I'll use it once and a while to crank out a few squares for our family charity projects. It's absolute mindless knitting - right on the same level as a garter stitch scarf. So relaxing . . .

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Nancy said...

The lace scarf is beautiful. I have only made a few lace pieces, but I admire the skill of others. Nice job!