Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Company Review - Paradise Fibers

Let me start by saying that I am in no way connected to Paradise Fibers other than being a regular customer. I was searching online for a quality source of roving when I first started spinning and their name came up in many of the online communities. I have consistently used them as my first stop when shopping for spinning supplies.

I get a monthly newsletter emailed to me with their sales, specials and offers. Love it! I didn't know they had such a nice selection of knitting and weaving supplies too. Well, in one of their newsletters they asked for bloggers to help get their name out by becoming an affiliate. I had no clue what that was but since I have had a great experience with them so far I looked in to it.

When you become an affiliate you just put their code on your blog and when people click through to shop and eventually buy something you get credit in the form of a discount on your next purchase. It reminded me of something like a "refer a friend" policy.

So if you're in the market to buy some yarn, roving, knitting, spinning or weaving supplies go ahead and shop thru my link if you don't mind. I would love to stock up on some yarn . . .

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