Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Working on the GAAA

Since one of my 2008 resolutions was to finish The Great American Aran Afghan I decided to cast on a square this past weekend. It didn't seem right that I made a resolution and then not do anything to meet that goal in January.

It's been a while since I've worked on a GAAA square so I started up with one of the easiest squares. This is my progress after 3 nights of knitting on the Belanger square:

So pretty! Every time I work on a GAAA square I realize again and again that I love cables!

I tried to schedule this out so that it's an attainable goal for finishing this year. I have 11 months and 20 squares left, not including this square. That comes to 2 squares a month leaving one full month to the border and seaming to finish. The problem is this isn't the only project that I would like to make this year. I have a hoodie and a pullover that I'd like to make for my son's birthday in May, plus at ton of other projects that don't have deadlines (unless you count the sweater for my father that he would like for Christmas - no pattern or yarn chosen for that yet).

I thought about just working on these on the weekends giving me about 88 days but I'm averaging around 5 days per square for the easy ones and that makes 100 days at the very least. If I switched it and just worked squares Mon-Fri with other projects filling my weekends I would have plenty of time to finish but I'm afraid I'll get bored and feel like it's a chore to work on.


Until I find a nice little organized schedule for myself (wow - I am so anal) I'm going to finish this square, work a little on my lace scarf and then start another square. I'm thinking that the lace will be a nice break while I regroup, pick the next square and do the prep work of color coding. I like to take my time with that part so this may be an unofficial schedule for me for now . . .

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Anonymous said...

That square really is beautiful! I can see why you want to finish it this year!