Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Finished Object - Will's V-Neck Hoodie

This project amazed me. If you had told me that I could knit a v-neck hoodie for my son a year ago I would have just laughed. It just further supports the fact that I love Knitting Pure & Simple patterns and I feel that I can make anything if a pattern is written out nicely. Here's a shot of my son trying really hard to stand still and model for me:

I made the 2-4 size since he's in 3T clothes. I like the length of the body but the sleeves are a little long. We'll just roll them up until he grows into it. At this rate it won't be long!

On the way to daycare/school and I got a decent picture of the hood. My kid happens to descend from a long like of big headed men on his Daddy's side so the hood will only be used on really windy days since it's a touch tight. Still wearable but not as loose as his sweatshirts with hoods.

I did make a couple notes for the next time I make something for him. According to Ravelry, this took me 22 days to knit up and the pullover was only 20 days. I can use that to measure him more accurately now that I know how long a project like this takes to knit. Here's the FO picture:

I hope that he'll be able to wear this as a light coat all summer and possibly this fall!

Pattern: Children's Tunic #232
Yarn: Dark Horse Fantasy yarn in cobalt
Needles: US sizes 6 & 8 in circular & DPNs
Notions: stitch markers, scrap yarn
Time frame: 4/12/08 to 5/3/08 (I did have 4 days of travel where I couldn't work on this - probably could get this done in 2 weeks in the future)

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