Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Knitting Karma

This past weekend my parents had a massive garage sale and thankfully they let us put a ton of stuff in with theirs. I took this opportunity to sort through my stash and found two boxes of yarn that I would never use.

They were my husband's grandmother's stash and kept very nicely over the years. It was chunky acrylic yarn in colors that didn't fit my taste. Back in the 1970s this must have been her best stash. There were balls from Sweden - very cool but still too rough for my taste and I love acrylics. After 3 years of keeping it in this house I decided to part with it - which was hard but it felt good too.

My father set out the yarn for me and told me how it sold:

An elderly lady and a couple of her friends got out of the car early Friday morning and started looking around at the offerings. She came to the first box of yarn, "Excuse me, how much for this box of yarn?"

My father replied, "One dollar for the box."

"One dollar?" she asked.

"Yes, a dollar for the box."

"The entire box?" she asked again.

My father assured her that it was marked to sell at exactly that price. She quickly snatched up the box and dug through her purse for the dollar. Then she spotted the second box . . .

"Sir? How much for this box?"

He said one dollar again and she was just tickled pink with her find. She quickly paid him, beamed to her friends and just gushed about what a great deal it was. My Dad explained that his daughter was a knitter and that I was just clearing out my yarn. It was perfectly good yarn but just didn't fit with what I liked to make, I didn't have room for it anymore, etc. My Dad had a conversation on yarn with her. Love it!

When Dad told me this story it made my day and I completely felt the great karma from not just tossing the yarn into the trash. I hope she enjoys the yarn just as much as I enjoyed passing it along!

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