Friday, December 28, 2007

Free Pattern - Boa Tube Scarf

This is a quick and simple project that is great for little girls playing dress up or for that special older lady that loves a little flair. I think I've made 4-5 of these in the past and they take very little time to make

[I'll post a finished picture ASAP]

Boa Tube Scarf

2 balls of Fun Fur (60 yards each)
US size 10 DPNs

Gauge: It's a scarf, let's be adventurous . . .

Cast on 24 stitches and place 8 stitches each on 3 DPNs
Join in a round and knit until you're out of yarn

Close up of DPNs

Notes: You really can't be anal when it comes to this type of project. If you should happen to knit 2 together by accident just increase to make sure you keep 8 stitches on each needle. It's not like you're going to be able to see any mistakes. If you prefer a longer and skinnier scarf go with 18 or 21 stitches total instead of 24. This is a great mindless knitting project to take with you!

One other note: The scarf turns out so much better if you pull the yarn out of the ball correctly. You want to go with the yarn rather against it so that you'll have as much fur on the outside as possible. I'll try to illustrate:

If the end of the yarn is on the right, then you're going against the fur and you'll have a crappy boa scarf

If the end of the yarn is on the right this time then you're going with the fur. You'll have a lush boa scarf this time

I have 3 nieces and they have all loved having these for dress up or for a fun day out!

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Carol Murray said...

can this scarf stretch into a sheath dress, cowl ect?