Friday, August 15, 2008

12.5% Done!

I have been working on the Cable Blanket lately and just last night I started on the second ball out of eight.

I'm definitely much faster now that I've got a good handle on the pattern. It's pretty much 2 main rows with an occasionally cabled row thrown in. The only difference in the main rows is how your start the row but the basic stitches are the same. I definitely like it so far. At this rate I should have it done sometime in September, plenty of time before the baby should arrive in late November!

I liked that this Plymouth Encore yarn has some wool content because it should be a cold winter. This blanket will work nicely for covering up in a car seat or watching a hockey game. I also like the peach because I'm sure this little girl is going to get showered in pink presents since she has 4 older brothers in the house.

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