Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Very Exciting Blanket Casted On

Well, the blanket itself is just a normal blanket. I'm using the Cable Blanket pattern from Debbie Bliss's Simply Baby: 20 Adorable Handknits for Baby's First Two Years book. My yarn is Plymouth Encore DK in Mango - it looks like a soft peach. With the 25% wool content it's not as soft as normal baby yarn but it's for an Upstate NY baby so it's got to be warm!

The exciting part is that my friends have 4 boys now and they have always wanted a little girl. They love having a big family and the boys are great. I love each one and how they have their own unique identities but they still come together to help each other as a family. We just found out a couple weeks ago that they're pregnant again only with a girl this time!

I had purchased this peach yarn in the hopes of making a warm blanket for a baby girl. This yarn has been waiting in my stash for almost a year now. There was no temptation to make anything else with this yarn. I knew there would be a baby girl coming our way eventually - especially after attending 3 weddings this summer.

I was able to knit 5 rows of garter last night and finally got in the rhythm of knitting with this yarn. It's a very different feel from the Lion Brand Cotton Ease that I was using on the last blanket.

I expect this project to take about 2 months to complete because of the smaller needles (US 6) and cabling involved. Plus I have a few trips coming up where it's not feasible to take this project with me. The baby-girl-to-be is due November 27th so I should have plenty of time - that is unless she decides to make an early arrival . . .

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