Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Traveling Scarf

Yarn Harlot may have her traveling socks but I find that my lace scarf works best for me when flying. The lace weight yarn takes up very little room in my purse and the pattern is just complicated enough to keep my attention for long periods of time. It's the perfect type of project when you start expecting delays every time you fly somewhere.

This time I went to Puerto Rico for work and I took my Dainty Bess scarf with me to work on. We had on time departures for the entire trip so while we were very lucky I didn't get much knitting time in the terminals. Most of my knitting was done in the air with about 10 hours total of flying time. I did get a few looks from other passengers but no rude comments this time ("I can't believe they let you on the plane with those!")

Here's my blurry progress:

I more then doubled the length of the scarf on this trip and that's even with frogging 3 rows after I noticed a mistake. I think 3-4 more trips and this baby will be done!

Working on this scarf made me more anxious for the first clue of the Mystery Stole 4. I can't wait for that to get started - first clue is Sept 5th!

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