Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Catching Up - Yet Again

My life is crazy, work is crazy, everything is just crazy right now. Work is starting to slow down and it might not be a good thing. I have been working almost every night on the Hearts & Flowers blanket. It's like working on a big floofy scarf since it's knit up in three strips then seamed together. Here's my first strip completed including ends already woven in:

This was my very first project with Intarsia techniques so a huge pat on my back for that. Thankfully the videos on Knitting Help were just what I needed to get started. The second strip is just flying along now that I know what I'm doing. It also helps that the hearts are just two colors and pretty simple. I should have that strip done sometime this week:

I think my next challenge will be determining which method for seaming the strips together. Then the whole "picking up a million stitches for the border" is probably going to take some time. It's only October though so there's plenty of time to have it finished and mailed out in time for Christmas.

It's so girly and perfect for my niece. I hope she'll be able to curl up with it watching cartoons and feel very special that it was made just for her!

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