Friday, October 17, 2008


I have no words for the anger that I felt last night. Let me explain . . .

I was in a great mood and feeling pretty good about myself last night. I had plenty of time to finish the last square in the second strip of the Hearts and Flowers Blanket and cast on for the third and final strip. I was cruising along and then I realized I was almost out of that particular color of yarn. I looked through my bag and no magenta. I looked upstairs in my stash thinking I had just forgot to grab it - no magenta. I went back through the pattern thinking maybe I misread it and used magenta when I should have used a different color - nope, I knit it exactly to the pattern.

So let me summarize. I bought the same brand yarn specified in the pattern, even the same colors. No substitutions, no changes whatsoever. Now I have 4 skeins of mango and no magenta. I didn't even have enough magenta to finish the square in the last strip and I have an entire strip to go.

Disgust. That's the only word that I can type to describe how I feel.

I now have to go to my local stores and hope that they have this brand and color. I originally ordered everything online so I wouldn't have to do this hunting for specific balls.

How is it that a yarn company can't get the yarn requirements right for a pattern using their own yarn? I'm just so . . . disgusted.

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Lynn said...

So sorry! I sometimes buy extra just because I don't trust them. I also wanted to say thank you for the free braided cable scarf pattern. I spent $100 in books the other day and still didn't find what I wanted and then searched on "braided cable scarf" this morning and found it right on your page! Thank you! Starting my first fall project this evening. Had to work all day last Sunday on finishing a cross stitch just so I could start this project. Lynn