Thursday, October 16, 2008

No New Knitting!!

I have officially become overwhelmed with the projects in progress and using up my needles. I was searching for a size to start another project when I realized they were already in use. Light Bulb! I have too many UFOs!!!

So, from now until January 1st I've decided to not cast on any new projects and try to tidy up around here. My knitting bags are all over the place and I'm starting to forget where I was in each pattern (mainly just the complicated ones like GAAA). I have no intention of finishing everything - I just want to see some substantial progress!

Here's my mental list of what definitely needs to be finished by mid December in time for Christmas:

1. Hearts & Flowers Blanket - Biggest issue will be staying motivated with the seaming & border
2. Wash cloths to finish bath set - I knit on this during work conference calls to stay focused on the conversations (really I do, if I didn't knit I would be on the Internet or emailing clients) so it shouldn't be a problem to get these finished up in time.

Other UFOs to make progress on:

3. Mystery Stole 4 - I'd like to finish this while the Yahoo group is still active in case I have grafting questions since I've never attempted that before.
4. Elizabeth I, Dainty Bess - No rush with this one but I do plan to take this with me to London next week so I should get a good portion done.
5. GAAA Tabler square - I put this one in "time out" after I had to rip out the entire square since I realized too late it was way too big. I'd like to finish this one and have a fresh start with the GAAA next year.
6. Shifting Sands scarf - I have the rosewood needles, yarn and pattern ready to go, I just need to take 5 minutes and learn how to cable without a cable needle.

For most people this is probably not a lot of UFOs but for me it's a bit too much. I'd like to start a couple other projects soon plus I've been wanting to sign up for the TKGA Masters classes or maybe just their correspondence classes but right now I have too much going on. I keep seeing so many patterns out there that I want to try but I don't want to invest in buying a ton of needles all the same size just because I can't seem to finish anything lately. I'm too cheap!

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