Thursday, October 30, 2008


I'd like to apologize for the last post but I was pretty mad so I'll just let it stand that I was venting. I waited a couple days and placed my orders for the remaining balls of yarn needed with 2 separate companies. It turns out that one of the colors is discontinued so I lucked out. By the time I got back from London both packages were here and I was able to finish strip number 2 last night.

I ended up doing a little retail therapy but not on purpose. In my regular blog updates I got the new entry in my Google Reader from Lime & Violet about Shakespeare in Lace. I think I actually squealed and danced when I read it. It took about 15 minutes to order it.

I read the description a couple times and then told my husband about it. Then I proceeded to talk myself out of buying it because it was a total want and not something I needed. Then my husband told me how great I am and proceeded to talk me into buying it because I never splurge on things for myself. Yup - about 15 minutes from the initial reading to my final purchase. I can't wait!

I would have to say that Anne Hanson is one of my favorite designers. I love so much of what she does and when I saw that she was one of the designers for this subscription it was just a sign that I should do this. I was an English Literature major in college so I definitely appreciate the inspiration from Shakespeare's plays. The luxury fibers are a great bonus too. There's already a group on Ravelry for it so I can anxiously wait for the first shipment (March) with other fellow knitters.

I've never purchased a subscription like this before so I think I'm going to think a bit on how to prepare for each one so I don't get too far behind. Finishing up everything on my needles right now it a big part of it so I'm on the right track!

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