Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Power Knitting

I have nothing exciting going on lately in terms of knitting, other than I can't wait to get started on some of the projects on my To Do list. I've been able to get down to 4 WIPs with one of them as my main project, the Cable Blanket. It's very relaxing to knit and I barely have to look at the pattern. I'm on my second to last ball of yarn and it feels good to be able to get this one done well in advance of the baby shower (not even scheduled yet).

I re-organized my stash yarn again this week with just a basic "airing of the stash" to remind me what I have. I like to do this often as it keeps me from buying more. I think my organizational pattern in my cabinet fits just like how a bartender sorts his liquor. My top shelf yarn is exquisite, total luxury and demands nothing but the perfect pairing with a pattern. Second shelf is good quality, durable yarn for my functional knitting needs. Third shelf is all acrylics for specific charity projects, just a hodge podge of yarn - and I like it that way. The bottom shelf is my left overs, oddballs and Great America Aran Afghan yarn. This is the spot where I put stuff that doesn't quite have a purpose yet but isn't ready to go to my mother-in-law for her weaving projects.

So, while I work diligently on my Cable Blanket I'm daydreaming about my top shelf yarn and how I'd really like to expand that stash with a nice sock club this year . . .

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