Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Snow and Rain

I truly love living in CNY. This last storm doesn't bother me at all. We live in the snow belt so how can we complain :) My husband was able to use the snow blower on our driveway and then on our neighbors driveway since they are elderly. They're snow birds and had just come back up north. The snow was so heavy and wet it would have taken them forever to shovel. They were definitely touched - the wife came over and took care of our garbage cans right after the trashman left in the pouring rain. I just think it was her way of saying thank you.

Our tree didn't like this storm though. We had a branch go down but it doesn't look like it's too bad. Our biggest hopes are that it will grow back and the Christmas lights will still look good on it.

I guess this will be my project for summer. I need to get a landscaping plan for our yard anyway. I'm looking forward to having more flowers and less bushes.

In knitting news, I think I might be actually feeling good enough to knit tonight. The problem before was that my needles would rub on my swollen belly and hit the stitches. Not exactly a good feeling. The swelling seems to be going down more today and I don't like a full 7 months pregnant anymore (ok maybe I'm down to 5 months) so I'm hoping to work on my second to last piece for my son's afghan. It needs to be done by May 5th so I need every day possible to work on it!


susies1955 said...

Hi there,
Sorry to hear you had to have surgery. Hope all gets back to normal soon 'if' there is such a thing as normal. :)
That storm was nasty here in northern NY too.
Will be keeping track of your blogging,

MotherHenKnits said...

Thank you for the good wishes! The hardest part of recovery is not being able to pick up my son. That's just torture!