Thursday, April 19, 2007


I just absolutely love looking at every one's stash of yarn! I have no idea why. Maybe it's just that I'm curious as to what people buy, what projects they're hoping to start and what yarn they have no idea what to make with but just had to buy! I have a moderate stash size and figured since I'm blogging regularly now it's my turn to share.

First is my Plymouth Encore yarn for the GAAA project. I've also got some Wool-Ease mixed in with this bin and about a pound of alpaca spinning fiber. The Wool-Ease was one of those unbelievable deals. I had heard that you could get a good deal at the Tuesday Morning store back in Illinois so I went exploring. For the same price as a regular size skein at Michael's or Joann's I got THREE of the larger skeins. I bought as much as I could hoping that I'll find a project for it all. It makes great men's socks for cold weather and since it's not itchy I might try making my son a poncho for next fall out of one of the colors.

Next up is a drawer full of cotton Sugar n' Cream yarn for dishcloths. I got a ton of these with free shipping and they're nice for quick projects or just trying out a new pattern. I haven't given any of these away yet. I think I'll wait until I have most of them knit up and then distribute most to the women in my family for stocking stuffers. The colors are so much fun and it's nice to see how it pools on the finished piece.

I guess this is a "dream projects' drawer because this is the stuff that I'm not sure of. I bought 5 hanks of Alpaca cloud lace yarn from Knit Picks along with the Elizabeth set of 3 scarf patterns and I just can't knit it up and have it look right. I'm going to try double stranded next time and if that doesn't work I may just share these in a swap. It's so frustrating because they're soft and beautiful. I'm not giving up!

Last picture is of my left over drawer. I plan to knit some items for charity this year to be given to needy/homeless people in my area and I should have enough for several sets of scarfs and hats. I tend not to throw these away because you never know who might stop by as ask for a knitting lesson. I don't mind just giving people an old ball of yarn to practice with.

I do have a few more boxes of yarn in the basement but those were inherited from my husbands grandmother and I have no clue what to do with them. It's not something that I would normally use (big, bulky, feels like polyester) so I may just garage sale them this summer.

It should be a good weekend with warmer weather. We're heading up north tomorrow for a funeral and staying for the weekend. Not exactly something that I'm looking forward to but it's necessary. I finished piece #15 last night for the baby afghan so I'm hoping to use the 2 1/2 hour drive each way to get a head start on my last section.

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