Friday, April 27, 2007


Yesterday I got my handy dandy newsletter from Clara at Knitter's Review and she outlined all of the upcoming fiber festivals for the rest of this year. I think I can attend 2, possibly 3 that are in NYS.

First on June 16 & 17 is the Jefferson County Sheep & Wool Festival:
It's about half way to my mother-in-laws house so we could each drive an hour and then walk around together. Plus there's a good micro-brewery in the area that's a great attraction for my husband!

Next is the finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival on September 15 & 16:
With that one being over 2 hours away I may have to pass. But - if my husband and I don't have plans that weekend we make just make a nice picnic trip out of it and take a break half way.

Last, and the one I'm most looking forward to is in Rhinebeck! The NYS Sheep & Wool Festival ( is October 20 & 21 and it's been on my calendar since last September. Our son was just too small for that type of outing back then - or maybe we were still too new to parenting.

Once the schedule of events has been released for each I'd like to narrow things down to once class or workshop to take. That way I'm actually learning something. I have no idea if I'll actually buy anything since I resolved to knit only from my stash this year. That doesn't include spinning fiber so I'll probably just stock up on that. I've never been to a fiber festival - I'm very excited for the summer to get here!

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Susan said...

Hi Angela!
Hope to see you at the fiber festivals ... but in the meantime ... I wondered if you knew that there is a knitting group that meets not too far from you on Monday nights and sometimes on Saturday mornings. We'd love to have you join us. Email me if you're interested: