Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Birthday Booty

I turned 30 last month and got completely spoiled by my family. My parents took me shopping for some much needed clothes, both for dressy and casual. My husband bought me a Giants football jersey. I was very excited because it's actually cut for a ladies measurements. I was floating in the men's jerseys and it looked like a dress going all the way down to my knees. He also took me bowling, we had a steak dinner and then went to a movie. Quite the perfect day!

My mother & father in law sent a check to my husband with specific instructions. He was to cash the check and take me directly to Sheep Thrills. I was to purchase a set of fancy-schmancy Lantern Moon needles. We had visited this LYS at Christmas time and we all just drooled over those luxury needles made in Vietnam. My husband decided to buy me a pair too:

Super cool. I got a pair in Rosewood and another in Blondwood. So pretty, such a luxury that I would never purchase for myself. I'm the type of knitter that waits for a coupon for Micheal's or AC Moore to get the needles I need. Never have I ever spent $19 on a pair of needles.

My birthday was a great weekend that really helped welcome me to my thirties. I had a great time and enjoyed spending time with my family. In the past there were times where I had to stop and think how old I was. This birthday made me feel special and I loved that my family took time to do that. I look forward to the next 30 years!

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