Thursday, April 17, 2008

V-Neck Hoodie Progress

Have I mentioned lately that I just love patterns from Knitting Pure and Simple?

The last pullover I did was a breeze. This one is still fun and simple but there are a few things added that are keeping my attention. The v-neck is so cool looking, I'm approaching the section for the side slits and I can't wait to see how the hood is made.

It's so relaxing to just knit in the round. I've got about an inch to go before I have to start thinking again.

The color is very rich but I think the first skein of yarn that I'm using might have been sitting at the LYS for a while. There are long sections of normal yarn and then I run into a patch of thin bunched up yarn that feels like it could break easily. The LYS was closing so there's nothing I can do about it now. I'm just hoping that everything will fluff up once it's washed.

I'm next in line to get a few charity projects from my Knitting Help charity groups. I'm looking forward to getting those in the mail this week and adding my sections. It helps break up my knitting time and gives me a chance to work with different types of yarn that I'm not normally using.

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