Friday, April 18, 2008

No Packages

I was ready to take pictures of the 2 charity packages I was expecting to get in the mail today but neither showed up. Blech! That means I should have the entire weekend to work on the v-neck hoodie for Will. Not bad.

I cleaned up my yarn again and re-thought my next couple projects. By doing that I had to update The List. I get overwhelmed if I'm not organized and The List helps me stay in a good place mentally whenever I start thinking about all of the yarn I own. Here's The List in it's current state:

The left column above the dotted line is everything that I have yarn for. This doesn't include my left overs or random balls of yarn that I get from swaps. This is stuff that I purchased for a specific reason. I'm noticing a trend for scarves . . . I have a feeling that this time next year I'll have a similar list for sweaters.

Below the dotted line on the left hand side is stuff that I have been either asked to knit or want to knit for someone else AND the yarn isn't purchased yet. This helps me when I hear of a sale or have a really good coupon to use. I may see if I already have yarn that will work for the two scarves requested.

The right hand column are the charity projects that will be coming my way in the next month or so. So far I've got six listed with 2 that should have arrived today. These take 1-2 nights each to work on so it's a great break from a main project.

As I organized the cats slept in my office cuddled together. . .

And Samson snored, I wish I could get that on film sometime . . .

I tried to get a close up of Gracie's face but she perked up as I got closer . . .

Can I be a cat now? I think it's time for my nap too!

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