Friday, April 25, 2008

You Can Never Have Too Many Knitting Bags!

I had the misfortune of working all day when my husband and my parents got to take an entire day to go shopping at the outlet mall near us. They were outside in the sunshine while I toiled away in my home office. I was so touched when my husband brought me some gourmet chocolate (oh yeah - he loves me) and my parents brought me this:

It may look like just a purse but I was told it was a knitting bag. They searched each store for something special for me. It had to zip on the top and have room for patterns and yarn. Plus room for a wallet and a cell phone. I think they did very well - especially since it only cost $19!

The coolest thing about this bag is that everything you see on the inside can be removed. That way I could use it as a purse with just one project or I could put one big project with all of the yarn in it. Very thoughtful!


Today I went back to AC Moore to pick up the rest of the yarn needed to make a knitted rug for my in-laws. They didn't have enough so I had to head over to Michael's. As I was leaving a quilted bag caught my eye. I've seen so many of these before but never one that was perfect for what I wanted. This was the perfect color, perfect design and only cost $6.99!

Great deal for a great bag. It has already been designated as my knitting bag for the knit rug using the Sugar'n Cream yarn that was on sale 99 cents each at AC Moore.

I can't wait to get started on this. I found a full skein of the yarn as well at Michael's and used my 40% off coupon for it. I'd like to throw in a couple hand towels to match. It works so nicely! I may have to just make this my summer purse and take my knitting everywhere!

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